Why are they wearing those straw hats?

Hello everyone, and welcome to Happy's Taco Shop's first blog entry.

I'm sure that sometimes you lie awake at night and wonder what really goes on inside that magical truck. How can so many delicious things come out of one vehicle? Why are they wearing those straw hats? And the most pressing and mysterious question of them all: which one of them is Happy? The main goal of this blog will be to answer questions like that as well as give a recap for the week. There might be some other things I include in here, like we are up to 10 in our break-time hacky sack session, but more on that later.

Drake and Drue started their Monday as they have so many in the past with a shopping run to prepare for the next day of prep. Their carts overflowing with cilantro, avocados, bottles of vinegar, peppers and massive slabs of meat, all the while, pushing and thinking of ways to make the next day faster, better and more efficient.

Tuesday is prep day, but this week we had a little snag. Usually, we like to start around nine so we can be done by 5 or 6 pm, but being a holiday weekend, the meat order was a little behind. So, we didn't get to start until it was almost noon. But we didn't complain and we prepped deep into the night (not really, but it sounded more dramatic than 8:30 pm). The guys hit the Farmers' Market in Boyne City bright and early the next day to serve breakfast to all the hungry shoppers. Had some issues on the first attempt making coffee, but it's not Happy's Coffee Shop now is it?